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The Secrets of Manifestation – The Yoruba Concept of Consciousness Reinterpreted

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Many have been enamored by the powerful and inspirational book and movie, The Secret. It reveals a simple yet profound principal for manifesting one’s dreams and desires. It revolves around the idea that whatever thoughts predominate in one’s mind eventually translate into a physical reality. For example, if you are always thinking negatively, you will manifest negativity in your life and vice versa. It is the power of consciousness. The funny thing is that this concept is not new but one which has predominated the thought of Yoruba people for thousands of years.

The Yoruba are an African people in the southwestern part of Nigeria. They have an elaborate system of traditional worship with a pantheon of over 400 deities called orisha. Though they believe in God, they appease the orisha on a regular basis as intermediaries. However, despite the presence such a large pantheon of spiritual forces, in the Yoruba cosmology, the most important force in the life of humanity is called, ori.

Ori is envisioned as a force representing personal embodied energy encapsulating the idea of consciousness, mind, destiny, and the guiding principal in man. Every person has an ori and it can be likened to one’s spiritual guardian. Ori is symbolized by the head and is thought to be the most powerful and supportive force in the life of man. Ori is one’s consciousness. Ori is considered more powerful than the orisha. Ori represents the creative principal in human beings given by God. It is said for blessing to come into one’s life, one must have the consent and blessing of one’s ori.

The connection between the Yoruba concept of ori and the philosophy of The Secret is the belief in the power inherent in man’s consciousness to manifest reality. The ability to make things happen, or manifests one’s desires, is called ashé in the Yoruba language. When one is successful at whatever one does, that person is said to have a lot of ashé. When one’s words come true, one is said to manifest ashe. Ashe is the ability to make things happen. It is the ability to be intentionally effective in this world.

Following are seven steps distilled from ancient Yoruba thought and modern scientific discoveries about how to manifest using your consciousness called ori.

Seven Steps for Manifesting Your Thoughts

1. Believe in the abundance of the universe. The universe is rich and without scarcity. You are apart of the universe. Scarcity is a delusion of one not being able to acknowledge one’s abundance in life. In order for you to manifest reality you must start of point on acknowledging the abundance in the universe.

2. Believe in your own power as a part of the universe. As a part of the universe you share the qualities of the universe though in a smaller size. Look at yourself as a drop in the ocean of life. The universe has everything one needs and as a part of that universe you share in that abundance. Claim it.

3. Decisiveness. Decide what you want in life. You must ask yourself what you really want in life. Be as specific and clear as possible. No detail is too small. Decide what is your dream job, mate, car, house, friends, etc. One quality of ori is decisiveness. You must know what you want in order to direct the universe towards its manifestation. It may take some soul searching. Knowing what you want is a type of knowledge of self that is a sign of leadership.

4. Visualization. Visualize what you want. You must visualize yourself in the life that you want for yourself. If you want a house, see yourself in that house already. Get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis. This is important because in this step you give creative structure to your dreams by implanting them into your fertile field of consciousness. Its fruits will be the manifestation of that thought. Just wait and see!

5. Gratitude. Be grateful. You must have gratitude for all of the things which you currently have in your life in order to receive more. Say a prayer of thanks everyday so that future blessings may come to you as well. Have a air of gratitude to serve as a cushion for the blessings to come.

6. Generosity. Learn to be generous. Give and you shall receive. It is not about giving everything away for free but knowing when to give without regret. One of the most powerful and profound African concepts is the concept of sacrifice. It is the concept of energy exchange. What are you giving to get what you want in life? It doesn’t always have to be material things but can also be your time, work, and effort.

7. Affirmations. Verbally affirm your intentions. Saying what you want and desire adds power to manifestation. In indigenous culture, words have form and function. Words can assist ones goals if they are stated frequently and if they are imbued with power through certain spiritual practices. The power of the word is another type of manifestation of ashe.

You are the architect of your reality. Take hold of your ancient and divine creative power and claim your destiny as the universe’s manifestation of perfection and divine power. It is all about you.

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