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The Three Khans Of Hindi Cinema!

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They are huge stars of Hindi cinema. Each one of them is fully capable of carrying a movie on their own shoulders. The Indian crowds just love them. Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. They can be called the last of the classic heroes of Hindi cinema.

Hindi film industry is headquartered in Mumbai (earlier Bombay) and so Bollywood was coined to represent it. Essentially, Bollywood signifies mainstream Hindi cinema which holds absolute sway over the whole of India and in recent times there has been a huge boost in overseas earnings thanks basically to the marketing efforts by the three Khans. Your knowledge of Hindi cinema is incomplete without the three Khans.

It could be a historical quirk that all the three Khans were born in 1965-Aamir in March, Shahrukh in November and Salman in December of the same year. Aamir and Salman or Salman and Shahrukh had been paired in films, but fans are yet to behold an Aamir and Shahrukh combination.

Aamir Khan is the perfectionist among the three. He does just one film at a time and is very particular about doing extensive research so that he fits the role. In any production he applies significant command over the proceedings. He has the least number of movies compared to the other two.

Aamir made his debut as a hero in 1988 for the film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (From Disaster to Disaster) and got his first National Award for that movie. He went on to win four Awards along with eight nominations for National and Filmfare (Top Indian Movie Magazine) awards later in his career. Committed to good cinema Aamir formed his own company, Aamir Khan Productions, and launched its first offer Lagaan (Once Upon a Time in India) in 2001 which got an Oscar Nomination for the Best Foreign Film category. His Ghajini (name of the main villain in the movie) was the biggest grosser of the year 2008. His latest offbeat movie Delhi Belly did good business apart from shocking and scandalizing many of conservative India.

Salman Khan is the most temperamental and unpredictable one of the three. With no inclination to turn producer-director so far Salman has done more than hundred movies-the maximum of the three Khans. He debuted as a romantic hero in Maine Pyar Kiya (I Fell in Love) which was the biggest hit of 1989 and one of the major successes of the eighties. For this film he won a Filmfare award for the best male debut. Salman went on to win two more Filmfare awards in his career.

Though Salman Khan won hearts as a romantic hero initially, in the later years he began to concentrate on building his body and transformed gradually into a crowd-pulling action hero. Movie buffs craved to see him tearing off his shirt which he does regularly nowadays and makes pasta of villains. He also launched himself in television mainly to market his big releases. In just more than a year he delivered three record-breaking hits– Dabangg (Fearless, 2010), Ready (2011) and Bodyguard (2011).

Shahrukh Khan is the most vivacious, restless and energetic of the three Khans. He had found instant rapport with the audience as a next-door boy first in his television serials in the late eighties. Unlike the other two he did not belong to a film family. Immediately noticed for his good work in the serials and signed in Shahrukh made his debut as a romantic hero in Deewana (Passionate or Crazy, 1992). He went on to win fourteen Filmfare awards out of which eight were for Best Actor which is a record. He is masterful in all genres-romantic, comedy and action and his staccato dialogue delivery style is always craved by the fans.

Popular also as King Khan, Shahrukh turned to productions in 2000 forming two companies–Dreamz Unlimited and Red Chillies Entertainment for both film and television presentations. Always entangled for the No.1 spot Shahrukh replaced Amitabh Bachchan as host in the third version of the famed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Game Show in 2007 and appeared in a few more television shows. King Khan is particularly known for his love for and association with cricket-the next Indian craze after movies. He purchased an Indian Premiere League T20 Cricket team and had been an integral part of big-money cricket politics with ups and downs.

With billions of fans the three Khans look sure to continue. All of them in late forties they still defy age in their inimitable styles.

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