April 19, 2024


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Under- Or Over-Sexed? Balance Your Chakras!

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From Tiger Woods to Charlie Sheen, we hear over and over again about sex addiction. At the same time, a majority of married women were recently surveyed and reported a lack of sexual activity. While there are many causes for sexual dysfunction, if you’re over- or under-sexed, you might want to consider the balance of your chakras.

The first or Root Chakra is linked to safety and security, and sexual function in men – the penis is governed by the Root Chakra, which deals with basic instincts. This chakra is situated at the base of the spine, and its color is red. Its main function is to keep us grounded and alive and is associated with physical sensation.

In women, their genitalia are in the sacral area, and the second or Sacral Chakra governs their love, passion, sexuality and creativity. This chakra is found in the pelvic area below the navel. Its color is orange and its main function is related to procreation and the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure and emotion.

If your energy is stuck at the Sacral Chakra, your sex and your love life will be stuck as well. Accumulated stress in the body, whether emotional or physical, erects barriers to the natural flow of our life energy. So, too much stress may equal no love or even any prospects for it.

Using yoga to balance the Sacral Chakra, you can practice the cobbler’s pose to encourage life energy to flow throughout the pelvic area. Swimming, dancing, meditation and anything that encourages pleasure will also stimulate the Sacral Chakra, which is associated with the element of water, and the ebbing and flowing of bodily fluids, like the tides.

If you’re a sex addict, your energy may be swirling out of control in the Root or Sacral Chakra, causing havoc in your life. A lack of balance in these two chakras can be caused by a need for attention and nurturing that is never enough. Sometimes, we learn to resort to unusual ways of getting what we need. The sex addict is seeking attention in an unhealthy, distorted and possibly destructive way, as is Charlie Sheen.

We all need love, nurturing and support, but need to find it first within ourselves with a healthy, balanced Root Chakra. After we develop a sense of self, we can continue at the Sacral Chakra to find our place within a healthy relationship.

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