June 20, 2024


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Ventriloquist Dialogues – Tips For Writing Your Own

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One of biggest things you will have to do to prepare for a ventriloquist presentation is creating the storyline for the act. Prior to writing your ventriloquist dialogues, there are few things to consider. You want your conversations to flow well, and for your words to fit your dummy and the act you are performing. The following are things you need to thinking about when planning out your skit.

  • Consider your audience. Creating a skit that relates to your audience is highly likely to have them loving your show. You can even personalize the routine by speaking to a member of the audience directly, especially be using his/her name (this can be gotten before the show).
  • Have a main idea behind your ventriloquist dialogue. Be sure that the entire conversation centers around this objective. If possible, have the idea reflect your audience’s interests, or around an upcoming event or holiday. Christmas acts, for example, are great during the entire month of December.
  • Save the best part of your show for the last, and using the second best part in the beginning. Shower the middle of the act with several quick, witty lines. Make sure your ventriloquist dummy has most of the funny lines. The audience is there to see your puppet more than you, so hilarious lines will be better remembered if said by your dummy.
  • Build conflict between your and your puppet. The more playful arguing, the more the viewers will be interested. End the dialogue with a surprise solution to the problem…one that is funny and unexpected.
  • Always used fresh, original content created by yourself. No one likes a copy-cat, so do not try to pull off another person’s routine as your own. More often than not, you will not be able to do it as good as the other ventriloquist, and some people may recognize the stolen content. It wouldn’t be worth your reputation to steal a dialogue.

Ventriloquism is a very fun hobby to pursue, and once you get the hang of writing your own ventriloquist dialogues, you will be a hoot. Just remember to be funny, original, and entertaining. Incorporate your dummy in a way that your conversation flows, and you will do great.

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