April 19, 2024


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What Are the Benefits of Using Whiteboards As Visual Aids for Your Office?

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Do you think white boards are passe, or are only used in classrooms? You might just want to rethink that position because a lot of firms are on the lookout for good whiteboards they could use in their offices. Apparently, classroom training does contribute a lot to how employees actually function in the workplace. Whiteboards aren’t just used in conference rooms anymore. Smaller versions of them are also used inside executives’ offices, or as calendar or memo boards in the staff room.

Are you part of the Press? Then the sight of big whiteboards pegging the Press Cycle’s stages shouldn’t be new to you anymore. Below are the reasons why firms just can’t stop using whiteboards in their presentation and memo needs.

They’re cleaner than chalk boards but just as economical

Chalkboards are a thing of the past, thanks to dusty chalks which trigger too many allergies in the work space. That doesn’t mean, though, that people are willing to cut down trees and printout everything they need to announce to the force. Why should they when they can still use whiteboards?

Whiteboards make use of special water-based markers which can be erased easily using a whiteboard eraser. The cost of these markers is minimal, and they’re definitely much cheaper compared to paper and ink. With whiteboards, you can make and adjust your announcements as many times as you want without feeling guilty about wasting the company’s resources.

They make for perfect calendars

Just stick strips of black electrical tape to your white board to form 31 boxes or more and voila! You have an instant calendar. A lot of companies use whiteboards to plot out their daily and sometimes even monthly schedules and tasks. It’s old school, so no one needs to be a techie to understand how to use the whiteboard. Also, whiteboard announcements are cheaper and neater than printed out poster announcements. You can change or adjust the details in a whiteboard anytime. At the end of the month, you just need to change the months’ name, the placement of the dates, and you can use the whiteboard’s calendar slates once again.

They add spice to your presentation

While using audio visual equipment like a Power point can be quite impressive, whiteboards just add a little more spice and spontaneity to your presentations. These are important factors to think about if you’re trying to sell an idea. What you can do is to let your audio visual equipment do the job during the first few minutes of the presentation. Later on, you can turn the projector off and interact with the rest of the room using the white board.

You can use the board to list down ideas and questions that pop up during the open forum. You can also use it to draw diagrams (provided that you’re talented at making diagrams) to make your point clearer. Sometimes, people who are presenting also only come up with great ideas during the presentation itself. When this happens, the whiteboard becomes a definitive and necessary presentation tool.

Choosing the manufacturer

Whiteboards are generally cheap, but you would want to get them only from companies you can trust. High quality whiteboards don’t scratch too easily, and they’re also less prone to chemical burns caused by the application of wrong cleaning solutions. You should make sure that you get your whiteboards only from companies that are known for providing the best visual aids for office needs.

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