July 19, 2024


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Where To Find A Cougar – My Easy Method!

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A cougar is a mature women who wants to date a younger man. A cougar myself, I will give you what I think is the best advice on where to find a cougar.

Cougar dating appeals to lots of men. Some just like older women; others know that finding a date with a mature women is easy. This last, you should know. It can be very easily. Cougars are not interested in expensive cars or bank accounts or high-profile careers. They have one main interest: younger men. Being a young man makes this all very easy for you!

Let me show you where “not” to find cougars. They tend not to make their desire for a young man public knowledge. Most are married, of course, and most would feel ashamed to admit their taste in men. When they go looking for men, they do so under the radar, utilizing sites that allow them to search anonymously.

The greatest proportion of these ladies will use a conventional dating site; one they have probably seen in movies or heard about on the radio. These community sites have several benefits for the cougar. They can join anonymously and, since the membership populations are so high (in the millions), the ladies can search hundreds and thousands of local men and all of their photos and videos.

You should get a membership to one of these communities. Most allow new members to join free and use most facilities. Once you have an account, I want you to do two things: the first will show you where to find a cougar; the second will help you attract her.

Put in a search for local women but filter your search for women over 40 or 50 (your preference). And there you go: without spending any money, you have a list of cougars in your town or city.

On your profile, I’d like you to write down that you want to date an older women.

Now, all I want you to do is begin sending friend requests to these women, as many as you like.

They will see the request and go to look at your profile. They will be encouraged by what you have written and, more often than not, accept your request.

Soon, you will have a growing list of cougars in your area.

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