May 20, 2024


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Work Life Balance: Calling Your Energy Home

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Do you have the energy to sustain work life balance or do you sometimes suspect that if your dreams came true you would be too tired or scattered to sustain them?

Work life balance is essential if we are to be effective. Without work life balance, we may leak our energy and resources and lose focus. We leak energy to unimportant activities or unconscious commitments as a result of not having focused intentions and make considered choices. The simple (if not easy) solution is to call our energy home by returning to a work life balance that will support our values and intentions.

Use this energy inventory to assess the quality of your work life balance. Call your energy home by noticing where you are gaining or losing energy. Simply notice without judgment, holding yourself whole, competent, and resourceful to redirect your energy when you choose to do so.

Unfinished Business

Are my bank accounts balanced and all transactions current?

Do I have unresolved conflicts with a friend or family member?

Do I have unresolved conflicts with someone at work?

Am I behind on my debts? Do I know exactly what I owe and to whom?

Do I have an overdue assignment?

Do I have incomplete projects at home? at work? in my community?

Is there a phone call or letter that I have delayed answering?

Physical Environment

Does my household environment express and support my intentions?

Does my work environment express and support my intentions?

Is my car (bike) clean and in good repair?

Is my equipment in good repair?

Are there chores that I have been putting off?

Support Systems

Do I give and receive energy with my family in a healthy way?

Do I give and receive energy in friendship in a healthy way?

Am I giving and receiving energy in a healthy way with my spouse/partner?

Do I know where to get help and do I ask for help when I need it?

Physical Health

Have I been putting off a physical or other health care service?

Do I sustain my energy and well being with exercise?

Do I eat in a way that supports a stable and high level of energy?

Do I get enough sleep?

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Health

Do I own an apology?

Is there someone I need to forgive?

Do I practice a form of prayer or meditation that centers and renews me?

Am I learning something new?

Am I interested and engaged in my work?

Once you have identified your energy leaks, you will begin to recognize ways to close them and regain work life balance. Each time you close an energy leak you become more focused, clear, and balanced. Be patient, be honest, and you will soon develop the momentum to live your life in a more satisfying manner.

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