May 22, 2024


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Work Life Balance – Time Management And How To Achieve It To Get Your Needs Met

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Mainly we use the phrase “Competing demands” as just another way of saying what we really mean when we do not have enough time in the day to do all the things we need to do.
Hey, but what if you really do not have enough time in the day to complete the plan you made in the morning?

Why do we find this idea very uncomfortable and not easy to consider? Is it because we may have to admit that something is not working and we think we have tried everything to fit it all in?
If like most of us, you want to have more time to balance your life, you may have considered looking into concepts about what type of person we are. There is a lot of research that says there are traits for the kind of people we are around time management. This might be true but most see traits as a peculiarity rather than an attribute. When we view our characteristics in a positive way so that we undertake self development towards enabling us to live healthy lives in harmony with others and our surroundings (this would be impossible with negative qualities) we take control of our futures.

Having faced up to my relationship with time management I understand that I complete what I say I will do because I do not want to let people down. This drives me as a worker; I do not want to look bad! But it is so tiring and I go home exhausted and having forgotten the cat food. However if I build on this attribute instead of seeing it as a negative I can create a winning situation in my work knowing that I will always aim to do my best not to let others or myself down.
So in a world where I do not want to let anyone down but I also need a healthy work life balance, I need to construct a plan for my day which includes factoring in lunch with a buddy or buying the cat food, as well as completing the 5 things in my in tray which will leave me more satisfied that at least I considered several areas of my life during my working day. This will lessen my resentment and leads me to being in continuous action regarding my work life balance. Now I can use my trait to not let me down. When I do not plan my day like this I always end up tired and disgruntled, beautiful work but sad home life!

Time management like other concepts is a goal, like many goals and aspirations in our life the ultimate outcome we hope to obtain is happiness.

So why don’t your try writing a daily activities action list which includes each area of your life where you would gain happiness if you achieved them in the allotted time you have? Then work your plan!

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