September 21, 2023


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World Novelists – One Step Closer

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Literature is the great part of civilization and art. You can talk about literature in one certain country, and you can also talk about such thing in a world scope. If you deal with the latter one, you will be able to find many world novelists and being more knowledgeable of their works. Definitely, you can learn more about history and civilization of certain countries through the literary works written by the novelists from their country.

There are many world novelists, and many people will agree to say that the classic writers have the better works if compared to the modern writers. This is only an idea, and you can disagree with this matter. However, you will be able to prove it by reading the classic novels. Some of the great world novelists are including Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, Yasunari Kawabata, Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Steinbeck, Herman Melville, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nadine Gordimer, Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and many more.

You can learn more about the civilization history in Russia by reading Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” or Kawabata’s “Snow Country”. Mark Twain is widely known as the great novelist when he wrote “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. What about Herman Melville? You can read his “Moby Dick”. Definitely, literature is a reflection of life. It is always interesting to “read” the history and life of several different countries. Anyway, it does not mean that the contemporary literature is poor. You can read the great novels written by contemporary world novelists as well.

Reading those works will bring you to the real condition and the satire from the writers about certain situations of certain places. Besides, you can learn more about psychology, since the characters in the novel will let you to understand about how people interact with the others, experiencing conflicts, defending their existence, and so on. The works brought by world novelists will give you more than just the pieces of great words to read. They give you the amazing stories to think and consider.

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