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LG 42LH2000 Review: 42 Inch HD Ready LCD Television

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Gone are the days when people have to deal with buggy sound and average picture and images on television. Today, LCD and HD have made it very possible for individuals to bring the cinema right in the comforts of their own bedroom or living room. The LG 42LH2000 is one of the brightest stars in the field, offering viewers a wide array of features and picture and sound quality that contests with what you can get at the cinema. Here are some tips.

Things to Expect

The LG 42LH2000 has a price tag ranging between £345 and £450, depending on your location. The LG 42LH2000 includes 3 special modes: Game, Cinema and Sport, so you get enhanced sound and picture quality, depending on what you’re watching. These modes are very easy to access via the AV MODE hot key found on the remote control. As for picture quality, you can expect crisp, clear and detailed images every time since the adjust system has been developed by the top experts in the industry.

Sound Quality

You can also manage the volume of voices, since some TVs have the problem of mixing the loud background noise with the voices of actors. This time, you get clear voices by simply adjusting the sound balance so you can emphasize on the voices more and minimize noise and sounds in the background. Compared to other TVs, this HDTV boasts of having invisible speakers. The front bezel functions as the speaker, since the system is already built right into the panel. It takes away the standard speaker grill that is easily seen. The Invisible Speaker system is unique to this LG series, with the speakers embedded in areas right under and below the front bezel. Doing this improves the sound quality and boosts the so-called sweet spot, so viewers get rich and wide sound all time.

Saving Energy

There is a backlight control that lets you manage the brightness of the HDTV. There is also a screen off control that allows you to turn the screen off, as you maintain the sound. The Standby Mode 0 control lets you set your TV to an energy-saving mode, using zero electricity. These are all basic energy saving functions that help you save more money in the process. There is also an Intelligent Sensor function that manages the brightness and colour of pictures automatically, taking into consideration the colour and brightness of the viewing environment.

Overall Rating

Most viewers would rate the 42LH2000 9 out of 10, considering image and sound quality, ease of use, design and overall performance. The LG 42LH2000 is one of the best choices you have when it comes to value for your money. Most users enjoy linking the TV to a computer or a game console. They also like the crisp and clear images, plus the variety of extra features and menu options that truly give you great high definition experience. You can expect to save more money due to its energy saving capabilities. There is no significant drawback that people mention about the TV, so as a whole, this makes one great buy. You can order online or at designated retail outlets.

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