October 1, 2023


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Magnet Generator – Is This Just Another Perpetual Motion Machine Fraud?

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The Magnet Generator is the latest addition to the growing line of alternative energy sources that are being developed as we try to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. They have become very popular recently thanks to a large number of websites jumping on the bandwagon of free renewable power. What I want to find out though, and I assume you do too, is if the magnet generator phenomenon just a big scam, or is a viable energy source for the future?

First of all, lets clear up some confusion. Magnet Generators go by many names, for example zero point energy, perpetual motion machine or even over unity motors, but they are essentially all the same thing.

Like anything new and amazing, there will be a fair number of skeptics saying that this is a scam, or its impossible for it to work and so on. To make things worse almost everyone knows that there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, and magnetic generators are no exception but unfortunately that name has been associated with magnetic generators so many people are under the wrong impression from the start. While they are not perpetual motion machines, magnetic generators do provide power for a very long time without requiring any additional fuel source.

As technology has improved over the years the cost of building one has also decreased and its now fair to say that a properly constructed magnet generator will pay for itself many times over as you generate low cost, or essentially free, electricity for a number of years.

As they are mechanical devices they do require some maintenance, although this is minimal, and of course because they don’t need the sun or wind to drive them they can be used indoors or out, in all weathers and even in the dark.

So, all in all, while many people denounce this technology as a scam it definitely is not. There are thousands of real life working magnet generators all around the world today that back this fact up. We should be careful of wrongly used terms like perpetual motion and so on but if you understand how a magnet generator works then you will appreciate the huge savings that it can bring you.

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