May 23, 2024


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Melaluca Home Business – An Online Marketer’s Review

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Melaluca Inc. is a stable MLM  marketing company that has been around since 1985.  It is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and originally marketed products based on tea tree oil which is extracted from the Australian Melaleuca Virticulata plant……hence the name “Melaluca”.  Its main focus has been on cosmetic and nutritional products, but they have added other excellent products through the years.

Melaluca encourages marketing through traditional belly to belly relationship marketing.  They also encourage signing up members and presenting an entire array of products for possible integration into the monthly family budget.  This method of marketing is the most effective model for most people that want to start a home business in the MLM  arena.

The company has an excellent website that offers support, training and product information.  Most Melaluca business owners/marketers have not tapped into the online marketing world because of the emphasis on home and hotel meetings for business prospects.

Melaluca has a decent compensation plan that is based on their many years of experience in the industry.  Melaluca members increase their income by bringing in more people that agree to monthly volume purchases of Melaluca products.  The products that Melaluca carries are top notch and most customers like them very much.

If you look on the search engines, you will not see a ton of online marketing done by Melaluca members.  This is because of the heavy emphasis on the traditional MLM  marketing methods.  Successful 21st home business marketers market heavily online.  Since most people have a very finite circle of friends, the traditional MLM  business marketing model that is still emphasized by Melaluca is somewhat antiquated.  That old method does work, however, so if that is something that you are interested in, Melaluca is a stable company with awesome products that many people still do very well with.

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