April 19, 2024


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What Really Makes His Heart Beat Faster? How to Earn His Love

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What will make his heart beat faster is you walking into his presence if you earn the reward of his love. Confidence Level is Number One

Elude the aura of a being a helpless female and needy of a man. Don’t discount men and go to the extreme of being capable of overhauling your own car engine or sporting you can out lift him at the gym. You do want to give him the reflection of your confidence in yourself; that you are able to rely on yourself, stand on your own two feet, speak for yourself and mostly think for yourself. A woman that can’t change her own light bulbs or fill her own gas tank, think and form her own opinions and any other signs of physical and emotional dependency is the real definition of high maintenance gal.

Femininity Plus

T-shirts are cute for bed with nothing under them but why would you want to look like one of the guys? Cut with the sweat pants and T-shirts, clipped up hair and tennis shoes and opt for something a little more feminine to spark his imagination. Smell like a woman so your scent imbeds in his mind. Be sensuously feminine in his presence but not in the presence of his friends or family. Be the model of his trophy and someone he’s proud to show off.

Positively Happy

Be absolutely, positively, happy and upbeat and if you’re less than, keep it to yourself. How you act around him results in how he feels around you. If he loves how he feels in your presence he will want to be in your presence more. If he knows he can count on looking forward to your upbeat attitude at the end of a rough day that will be a big win for you in earning his love.

Spontaneity Loving

Don’t run like a clock of a timeless treasure; rather become that of a timeless treasure by not running like a clock. Be trustworthy and exciting, be a great companion, be feminine and sensual, be happy and positive but add a little spontaneity to all that you are. He won’t know what to expect so boredom won’t be an issue.

A little note wishing him a nice day tucked in a pocket or his car is a pleasant unexpected surprise. A secret admirer note to meet him at a restaurant with a description of what you look like and what you’ll be wearing is fun. Have fun enjoy him and be a joy for him to be with.

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