April 13, 2024


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How to Beat a Cheater at Their Own Games! Here is How You Can Crack a Cheater Without Them Knowing!

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Do you want to catch a cheater? The trick here is to be more clever than your partner. He/she probably has some ego trip now, thinking that you are stupid, since they have gotten away with it for now. You see, they think you are a fool, and as long as they will keep thinking this…once you know what to do…they will be exposed for the adulterous fraud they really are!

Here is how you can beat a cheater at their own game!

Rule 1- The most important thing you can ever do, is never let a cheater know that you are onto them! You must be as inconspicuous at all costs, because if you don’t they will try harder to hide everything. |Don’t even argue with them, do not accuse…rather just be the passive spy! This is the best way to catch a cheater.

Use a key logger- On the computer install spy ware programs, or keyword loggers– what they do is essentially go invisible on the computer and record everything that is entered in. Do this for a few days or however long is necessary and you will find all the information and proof that you need, without your partner even knowing. You will see passwords, emails sent, instant chats…you name it!

Check the calls- Whoever the hell is calling your mate’s phone at weird hours, well call them back! Find out who they are…use a reverse phone detective to find out who the numbers all belong to. You see, a lot of people will just ask their partner who is so and so calling; and never get the answer. Of course your mate will never just outwardly admit he/she is cheating…so always check into it!

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